How to Tell When the Office AC Needs Replacing

Office AC Needs Replacing

In terms of valuable tools in your office most people would Place computers at the top of the list, followed by printer and maybe even a fax machine. And these answers is certainly understandable if you only consider directly getting business done in your office. However when you consider the conditions that need to be created in order for business to get done in your office, the order of the importance of office machines can change dramatically. If you use this as a measurement device, then many would consider the office air conditioner as the most valuable tool in the office.

When the office air conditioner is not functioning, or functioning properly, it can put the complete standstill do all the work being done in the office. No other single machine or appliance can have a similar effect. And because the office air conditioner is so vital to the functioning of the company it is important to keep it serviced well and to replace it when it is no longer functioning properly.

So be diligent and look for any of these signs as indications that your office AC needs replacing.

It is Running Too Long

Whether you have a ductless or ducted air conditioner, if your AC unit is running longer and longer between shut offs, it means that the unit is losing efficiency and it is costing you more in electricity bills. An AC unit only turns on when the unit needs to cool the room to the temperature set with the thermostat. However this process should be regular and ideally it should spend more time off then running. IF your unit is running long or constantly, you are paying a lot more than you should to use your AC. Purchasing a new unit can not only get you a better unit but also one that is more efficient than older units. In fact what unit purchase today is more than 25% efficient than one that is 15 years old.

It is Putting Smoke in the Room

If your AC is putting smoke into your business that is a sure sign of big trouble for the unit. An air conditioner is supposed to provide filtered clean air through its vents or if it is a ductless unit directly into the room. If you are experiencing low quality smoke filled air, you need to turn off the unit immediately, and call a service person immediately to inspect the unit. If your AC is older than a decade, this could be a sign that the unit is beginning to degrade. Pay attention if you service the unit for how long it takes before it begins spewing smoke again. If it happens within several months, your unit needs replacing. Do not continue to spend money on service bills you should purchase a new air conditioning unit.

It is Constantly Putting out Damp Air

An air conditioning unit that is functioning properly not only cools the air in a room, it also removes humidity. When an air conditioning unit ages, the quality of the air it puts out degrades meaning it will be wet and warm. This could be a sign that the unit need servicing, but if servicing does not alleviate the problem, you need to replace the unit.

Replacing an air conditioner is expensive but with the efficiency your new unit will have, you will make up the money you spend over time and of course have a new high quality unit.

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