How a training contract works

training contract works

The objective of the training contract is to offer an inexperienced person the incorporation into the labor market in a company where he can acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge. This contract benefits both companies, which are reduced their fees to pay Social Security, as for people who join them, since they can be formed.  where we will explain how a training contract works.

Steps to follow:

1. The training contract should not be confused with the internship contract, so we explain their differences in the training and learning contract, the person goes to work in a sector that has no relation to the studies that the person has completed or is studying, but it is a different field that allows you to expand your knowledge, beyond those you study. On the other hand, the internship contract It is done when a person is studying a specific subject and wants to work in that field. Thus, for example, a person who studies medicine, can make an internship contract in a hospital, since it is related to their subject of study. In the event that this person decides to work in a business administration position, he could make a training contract, since it has nothing to do with medicine. Therefore, you could work in a company where you will be trained in business administration, while performing specific functions for the company.

2. The training contract was designed to help young people who do not have specific training in a workplace. This type of contract contains a series of requirements that must be met for those who want to benefit from it:

Be between 16 and 25 years old.

There is no age limit in the event that the person has a disability or those groups in a situation of exclusion.

When unemployment situations are high, the age limit is raised to 30 years.

3. The duration of the training contract must be a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of two years. The day is full time and the time devoted to theoretical training is included. Thus, for example, the first year of practical work may not exceed 75%, so the theorist must form the other 25%. From the second and during the third, practical work will occupy 85% of the time, while the theoretical work will be 15%. There is the power to extend the contract in case it does not exceed the maximum duration, and can be extended up to twice, without the duration of each being less than six months and without its total duration exceeding 3 years.

4. In case temporary disabilities occur during the performance of the temporary contract, whether due to pregnancy, paternity and others, the elapsed time will not count within the hours considered as worked on the contract. In addition, there is also the option to carry out a trial period in the contract. All agreements must be formalized in writing in the training contract and must be communicated to the Public Employment Service within the stipulated period.

In any case, the remuneration shall be fixed taking into account the actual work time that has been carried out, that is, the practical one, and may not be less than the minimum interprofessional salary.

5. The advantages of the training contract allow both companies and people seeking work to benefit. The companies that acquire the training contract, are considerably reduced their contributions to Social Security. Thus, for example, SMEs, that is, small and medium-sized companies have reduced their quotas by 100%, while companies with more than 250 employees pay 75%. In addition, the company may decide to hire the person under training contract indefinitely, and also reduce their contributions to Social Security.

From the point of view of the worker, the training contract allows a person without adequate training or with limited knowledge that does not allow him to enter the labor market, have a job that allows him to learn and increases his experience. In addition, the person quotes both for retirement and for unemployment.

6. It must be taken into account, that depending on each country and its measures in terms of work and training, the conditions may vary. Therefore, you should check the official website of the corresponding administration in each case. In Spain, you must access the Ministry and Education page in order to arrange a prior appointment, initiating an application. A series of data must be provided, such as the name, the National Identity Document number, and other information.

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