Gift your child with freedom, give them a postpaid plan

postpaid plan

Your college-going child needs a way to stay connected with friends and family, and also to express themselves. Buy them a good postpaid plan to help them along.

What is the use of a good smartphone if you don’t buy a postpaid plan to go with it? If you have given a prepaid connection to your child, it is time you upgraded their connection to a postpaid plan.

Why a postpaid plan?

When you buy a postpaid plan for your child, you end up gifting them with a lot of freedom. There are no curbs on the data usage on the postpaid plan – in fact, leading providers like Airtel have unlimited Internet plans to offer. Thus, your child can surf endlessly, watch the latest videos, use social media channels, and chat with friends at the flick of a button. The best postpaid plans from leading providers like Airtel offer complete freedom to every user.

Your child will also love the other features when you buy postpaid plans from Airtel:

  • A chance to be included under the Airtel myFamily plan – gift your child an add-on Airtel connection and include them under the plan. This way, you get a discount of up to 20% on the overall monthly spends for your entire family, your child included.
  • Each Airtel postpaid plan provides a huge amount of data – from 40 GB to 120 GB, there is unlimited data on offer. So, your child can surf all day, free of worry about their data running out. Airtel offers a chance to upgrade to a higher plan in case your child feels that they want more data than their existing plan offers.
  • Airtel currently has the best array of postpaid plans priced at Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199.
  • You can buy the postpaid plan by initiating the purchase online in your child’s name. Airtel contacts you in just a couple of hours, and you can take the process forward by discussing the various plans and which one is most suitable for your child.

Your child will thank you for the postpaid plan!

Millennials today are more adept at using current technologies than you and your friends ever were. They are early adapters to various technologies and they understand the digital medium really well. It is little wonder that some of the hottest start-ups in technology and IT are run by youngsters around the world!

Your child will not only use social media all day, they will also post videos and photos on their feeds. Besides, they will edit and recreate their photos and videos for other purposes. Your child might be a talented photographer, or a gifted writer – when you buy a postpaid plan for them, you enable them to showcase their talents to the world easily over their phone, and get noticed on Instagram or through a travel weblog that they write regularly.

All in all, a postpaid plan offers your child the security of always-on connectivity and constant surfing, whenever they want.