Get a CA Loan At Better Interest Rates

Get a CA Loan At Better Interest Rates

A chartered accountant is in constant touch with multiple sectors. In a profession like chartered accountancy, business, finance, taxation, management all are interlinked. While, handling, gathering, analysing and managing financial data, a chartered accountant faces many challenges. As, a chartered accountant you may be good with financial advice and account maintenance, but can you manage your professional finances? Are you able to take care of all your professional requirements?

Chartered Accountant Loans:

Be it any field, professionals need sufficient working capital for day to day operation and smooth functioning of the organisation. Be it scaling up of the current operation, technological upgrades, purchase of equipment, setting up a new firm, upgrading systems and software, a chartered accountant is in a constant need of money. To take care of such expenses, chartered accountants can avail Chartered Accountant Loans. Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) offer CA loans to all qualified and experienced chartered accountants.

Interest rates and CA loans:

When it comes to availing a loan, one has to think about the fee and charges. Questions like what are the various options available and how to get the best CA loan keep popping up. Coming to the interest rates on loans, the lowest interest rate option is not always the best one. You need to have a comparison amongst various features like tenor, loan amount, repayment options, offers and features, ease of operation etc. All these factors vary from lender to lender, so does the interest rates. The interest rate for chartered accountant loans may be less in case of banks. However, banks have strict eligibility criteria and slow loan approval process. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv offer CA loans at attractive CA loan interest rates (14-17%). A better CA loan interest rate means low repayment amounts and some relief from the heavy EMI burden. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv provide an excellent CA loan plan with following offers:

  • High loan amount at low-interest rates: The loan amount granted for a chartered accountant loan may vary from lender to lender. High-ranking NBFCs offers loans up to Rs.30 Lakh at attractive CA loan interest rates.
  • Provision of Flexi loans: To make your CA loan plan flexible, a feature like Flexi loan account helps you. This provides borrowers with a credit limit. The borrowers can spend money as per their professional requirements and pay interest only on the amount utilised by them. This scheme also gives borrowers an option to prepay the loan amount.
  • No collateral: Most of the lenders provide a CA loan without needing any security or guarantor. The interest rate may be higher but proves to be a better interest rate for chartered accountant loans as it sets you free from the tensions of keeping a property at stake.
  • Flexible tenor: If you apply for a CA loan through an NBFC, you can choose the tenor from the available options as per your convenience. 

It is important to understand your own needs in order to select a lender. In today’s competitive world, no one has time to wait in long queues for getting their loan approved. Why not avail a CA loan at better interest rates without compromising on other features. As a smart chartered accountant, you can make your CA loan approval quick and fast through an NBFC like Bajaj Finserv. Make sure that your CA loan doesn’t disappoint you and proves to be beneficial in every aspect.

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