Finance and expatriation: what trends?

Finance and expatriation: what trends

What there is to know

But when you are young and have just graduated, it is sometimes difficult to find work abroad. Indeed, the countries where the sector is doing best prefer to choose more experienced and less generalist profiles.

However, there are ways to have international experience in the field of finance when you are a recent graduate.

Especially via the VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise) which allows to have a first experience abroad. It offers the possibility of having an experience ranging from 6 months to 2 years in a French company located abroad. Depending on the country, the young graduate will receive a non-taxable salary, ranging from 1200 to 2500 euros per month.

More and more banks are recruiting as part of this LIFE. The General Company offers trade bitcoin more than 300 positions per year, and the BNP, more than 200 positions per year. Other companies in the sector, such as Crédit Agricole and HSBC, also offer positions in their establishments abroad.

Just like LIFE, there is also the Graduate Program, which allows you to have an experience abroad, for graduates with a minimum Bac +5.

Choose your destination!

When you want to expatriate in Finance, we think directly to the destinations where are the major stock exchanges, such as New York, London, Frankfurt or Tokyo. These destinations are certainly promising in the field of finance, but you should know that companies prefer to recruit the most experienced profiles. But when you have just graduated, you do not have enough experience to match the profiles sought by recruiters.

So, discover the destinations where your beginner profile will be welcome!


Known as the destination where French people emigrate the most, Switzerland is attractive in the financial sector. Offering salaries 20% higher than in France, more than 180,000 French have made the country where they work.


China is an attractive destination for expatriation in Finance because of its cities that are developing well in this area. Including Shanghai, which is the financial center of the country, a city where you will not be out of place, because of its Westernization (Western restaurants, expatriate clubs or presence of international organizations). Hong Kong is also attractive for its financial sector, with its stock market holding a significant position among other international stock exchanges. Finally, Beijing has opened its financial sector, which is why more and more international banks are setting up there.


Known for its attractive financial sector, Singapore is a good destination to emigrate. More than 35% of expatriates are between 18 and 34 years old, which will allow you to integrate easily. In addition, Singapore is known for offering relatively high wages, a good quality of life, and an equatorial climate. However, the visa application can be long and complicated.

The Morocco

The finance sector in Morocco is growing, so that many positions are vacant. On site, more than 500 French companies are present which will make it easier for you to find a job. The wages are not very high, however the climate is ideal there, and it is a country which stays relatively close to Paris (3 hours of plane).


In India, specifically in Mumbai, the financial sector continues to grow. You can find financial decision-making centers, such as the Indian central bank, or major stock exchanges. Thus, companies recruit.

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