Discover the iaelyon School of Management and its programs in finance

Discover the iaelyon School of Management and its programs in finance
Iaelyon is one of the leading French universities for training and research in management and management, with more than 7,700 students, alternates and continuing education participants. It promotes the vision of open management on the worlds and proud of its humanistic dimensions.
Founded in 1956, iaelyon is a member of the national network IAE FRANCE, the leading French network for training and research in management and management. iaelyon School of Management is an internal school of Jean Moulin University. More important IAE of France by the size of its student and academic communities, iaelyon is also one of the most internationalized and professionalized
2) What programs in finance do you offer?
We offer a Master’s degree in finance, a Master’s degree in management and organizational audit and a Master’s degree in wealth management. Of course, each mention is declined in specialized courses to answer more finely the expectations of the recruiters. These Masters are available in initial and in-service training and continuing education for professionals.
Iaelyon is also the first regional training center for accounting and auditing, with 800 students in Bac + 3 to Bac + 5: Licentiate and Master Accounting audit audit, DCG and DSCG. We also organize an “IFRS Manager” certificate for professionals .
3) What are the selection criteria?
In the Master, the selection is made on the basis of an application file which includes the academic results, the results of the IAE Message Score or the TAGE MAGE. We also ask for the results of the TOEIC test or the TOEFL test.
We attach particular importance to the professional project, which is expressed by the CV and the cover letter, but also through the motivational interview.
4) How to register for your program?
Applications are generally open until the end of March in Master 1 and end of April in Master 2. Applications are made online from February-March, but it is necessary to anticipate the passage upstream to the IAE Message Score and the TOEIC, whose results must be submitted with the file.
5) What is the professional integration rate of your graduates?
Graduates of our Masters in finance, wealth management, accounting or management control are particularly appreciated by recruiters. The latest insertion survey carried out this year on the 2017 promotion indicates that 95% of the graduates of these sectors are in employment 6 months after the end of the training, of which 60% recruited immediately after the end-of-study internship.
The average salary for this first job is around 33,000 euros, and can exceed 40,000 euros!
The guarantee of this insertion is based on the dense and very qualitative network of professional partners developed by iaelyon and on the tools and events deployed by our Careers Department.
6) Do you have an international curriculum?
All our Master’s students can benefit from an international mobility with a year of exchange in Master 2 in one of our 159 universities and partner schools in 50 countries. Between the two years of the Master, some may opt for a year of professionalization and international studies, which operates as a kind of gap year very framed.
The international is also present in situ, with each year iaelyon International Week, which brings together more than 60 international speakers. Our Master’s students can choose from 90 seminars taught in English, some in the field of finance. In addition to International Week, some courses in our Masters are taught in English.
Finally, it should also be noted that several Masters courses in finance are offered on our relocated campuses: thus it is possible to integrate the iaelyon Finance Master in Morocco, Vietnam, Armenia …
7) Do you have any advice for students who wish to join you?
The iaelyon formations are selective channels. The aim of this selection is to ensure that every student in our school pursues studies that suit and match him. Also the best advice that we can give to students who wish to join us is to be well informed about our training and their professional opportunities on the one hand, and to check that their knowledge and their professional project correspond well to the necessary prerequisites. integrate and flourish in our trainings on the other hand.
The purpose of our programs is to bring our students to a chosen and fulfilling professional life: for the finance sector, the latest insertion survey indicates that our 91% of our graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with their first job and that they are 94% consider this first job in line with their training.

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