Bank / Finance: recruitment trends according to Fed Finance

Bank / Finance: recruitment trends according to Fed Finance

Fed Finance has been in existence since 2001 and is active in the accounting / finance business. Market Finance was created in 2005.

This dedicated team is dedicated exclusively to the financial markets and corporate finance sectors. Our clients include CIB banks, investment banks, asset management companies, private equity firms, private banks, asset servicing companies, brokers, real estate asset management companies and more M & A shops.

We organized ourselves around 5 families of trades:

– The operational businesses, around the Back and Middle Office but also in front-office assistance on all types of financial products (equities, bonds, UCITS, derivatives, OST …) or private equity, structured finance and more largely Trade Finance

– Trades related to control and analysis with current flagship businesses such as risk control, internal control, compliance, custodian control. But also positions as equity analyst, structured finance analyst, credit analyst or financial analyst on large corporate, or quantitative analysis.

– The accounting / finance professions, both in “classic” accounting or management control or in banking accounting (SURFI, COREP or FINREP reporting, UCITS accounting and private equity, etc.).

– Businesses that are in relation with customers such as marketing and communication (RFP, events, digital …) and positions have a commercial dimension such as the charge d’affaires (corporate, structured finance and private equity), CRM, the customer servicing, sales and sales assistants, managers, and other trades of the Front Office (structuring …)

– Finally, the professions of the MOA, organization and projects

The team dedicated to these professions is really expert. We work as well with large banking groups as small structures.

2 / What are your recruitment goals in the banking / finance sector in 2018?

It’s hard to talk about recruitment goals because we do not have long-term market visibility. Our clients rarely anticipate their needs and our recruitments are usually urgent. However, 2018 promises to be excellent in terms of recruitment (even better than 2017) because the lights of the economy are green and the potential Brexit can allow to consider new opportunities in Paris with the arrival of London activities.

3 / Does temporary work play an important role at Fed Finance?

Yes, the interim has an important place in particular on the operational functions. Our specialized temporary workers also carry out a lot of assignments for the big banking groups (especially BFIs). Temporary work is also often used as part of the replacement of employees. However, for 2 years, the CDI and the CDD have come back in force. The market is currently complicated for the interim (as for the CDD for that matter) because we are facing a market of candidates where very few people are available immediately.

4 / What are the most sought-after jobs?

The private equity sector has been recruiting a lot again since last year but even more so this year for all types of positions (financial control or middle office, control functions, analyst) after sluggish years. Trade finance activities have also resumed well.

Otherwise, many positions concern operational functions (Back or Middle Office) and control positions (risks, compliance, internal and permanent control). More generally, there is a real recovery in all trades in market finance, whether financial management positions, marketing, commercial functions, MOA and even Front Office.

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